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This is the home of the Colorado Mountain Mushers, dedicated to fun winter sport activities with our furry friends.


Welcome to the Colorado Mountain Mushers, where our passion for sled dogs and winter sports runs deep. With a rich history dating back to 1989, our club is dedicated to fostering novice and family racing, as well as promoting a variety of working dog associated activities. We believe in organizing a fun racing circuit of professional quality, creating a welcoming environment for newcomers to the sport, and ensuring the well-being of all sled dogs.

As proud members of Mush with PRIDE, we are committed to Providing Responsible Information on a Dog’s Environment. Our partnership with Mush with PRIDE recognizes the ancient bond between sled dogs and humans, celebrating these remarkable canines as athletes purposefully bred and trained to do what they love: run as part of a team. With a focus on responsible care and humane treatment, Mush with PRIDE shares our dedication to enhancing the lives of sled dogs in both traditional and modern contexts.

To learn more about Mush with PRIDE and their invaluable work in the care and treatment of sled dogs, you can check out their guidelines here.

Discover the thrill and camaraderie of sled dog sports with the Colorado Mountain Mushers. Join us as we celebrate the unique bond between humans and sled dogs, and delve into the exciting world of winter adventure!


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